Spanish and French tuition for children and adults

Here's what some of my clients have said...

From a D in the mocks to an A* in the real thing. We are absolutely delighted. He couldn't have done it without you.

LG Wimbledon - August 2018

We came to Lucy when our son failed his mock IGCSE French spectacularly, and after a few months he managed to get an A* . None of us can quite believe it!  Lucy inspired him like no other teacher ever has. Concentration was an issue as he has ADHD but Lucy won him over and did wonders for his confidence too. 

LM Fulham - August 2018

Many thanks for getting our daughter a top grade.  Absolutely would not have happened without you.

PL Raynes Park - August 2017

Anna is delighted with her A* and wanted to let you know she couldn't have done it without you Lucy.  In just a few lessons you made all the difference.

KD Putney - August 2017

Just wanted you to know that James got a high B, when only a few months ago the school told us he would certainly fail and that he shouldn't be sitting the exam.  It just shows that dyslexia is not a barrier to learning French when Lucy's around...

LJ  Kingston - August 2017

My son was taught CE French by Lucy. He absolutely loved going and even when Lucy thought he might not need her help any more, he asked if he could carry on. French was  anathema  for  him at school and Lucy turned around his results in only a couple of months. She really is a brilliant tutor. I could not recommend her highly enough. My son was thrilled with his A  at French CE this summer. KS 2016

My son is dyslexic and struggles with reading and writing even in English, but with Lucy's help he achieved an A in his Common Entrance.  We are absolutely delighted.  Lucy uses a combination of methods, including music, singing, drum rhythms and pictures to get through to students who struggle with conventional learning methods.  VB 2017

After just 3 sessions, our daughter went from a predicted C to an A* in her Spanish oral.  She's thrilled!  SC 2016

​​Our daughter was thrilled with her A* Spanish GCSE result and we are hugely grateful to Lucy for her calm encouragement and methodical approach. Lucy also boosted her confidence in her oral, which proved invaluable in her writing too.  We couldn't have asked for more!  LE August 2016

Lucy was fantastic in preparing our son for his GCSE- and he got an A* which he couldn't possible have done without her.  CS August 2016

James wanted you to be the first to know he got his A* and a year early as well. Thank you so much for all you did for him.  We shall never forget!  SC August 2016

I quite literally would not have passed without your help, Lucy, and I got an A after only 4 months of lessons. CT August 2016

Our son had just a few months with Lucy and won the school French Prize, then went on to get A* in his A'level French, and that's all thanks to Lucy's valuable input.  JM August 2016

Thank you so much for seeing our daughter on a Sunday morning at such short notice.  She has come home buzzing and motivated - never seen her like this!  FH May 2016

With Lucy's tuition our son became so fluent in French listening and speaking that a French adult remarked how impressed he was to a teacher on their school ski trip! His confidence and interest in French grew hugely and his grammatical ability and vocabulary were way beyond year 8 level by the time he finished lessons with Lucy.  VT March 2016

As a mature student learning my first foreign language I visited Lucy Martin to enhance my Spanish GCSE studies.  Her teaching style was both interesting and innovative, targeting the key exam success factors that ultimately resulted in an A* grade.  JF 2016

Our son needed some extra one to one help with his GCSE french and thankfully we found Lucy.   He is dyslexic but on his first visit to Lucy he felt instantly at ease and found Lucy’s clear way of explaining an invaluable help. He was predicted a B/C and achieved an A !  S T 2016

Lucy is an extraordinary teacher with a passion for languages. She  put my daughter at ease and gave her the confidence to achieve what knew she was capable of.  She is the best language teacher I have come across and would highly recommend her.  My daughter received A* in both IGCSE Spanish and French after tutoring from Lucy.  MP March 2016

Lucy has really helped to boost our daughter's confidence in French. She understands what it is that she finds difficult to grasp and then finds very clever ways to help her remember the grammatical rules in bite-size manageable chunks, making it easier for a dyslexic student.  NS 2016

Lucy gave our daughter a real step up both in her oral and written French and Spanish during the term leading up to her AS exams. Her progress was impressive and I am delighted to say that she achieved A grades in both subjects and has been offered a place at Cambridge University to study French and Spanish.  CB 2016

From a D in mocks to an A in the summer. Only a handful of sessions, but they made all the difference to Erin and I'm delighted!  Now my son and daughter #3 seeing Lucy and making great progress. Highly recommend her.  Jen, 2016

Lucy is an excellent tutor.  She has built my confidence in conversational french, combining good grammatical instruction  with guidance on the common usage of french in everyday language. Adept at recognising the areas in which I struggle, Lucy is flexible in her approach, patient and has an informal, friendly and encouraging manner. I would strongly recommend Lucy to anyone who is keen to learn French at whatever level. (Jenny - Adult learner)

​​ Jamie was hoping to sit French IGCSE a year early and Lucy made sure that happened by helping Jamie get an A* in his mock, he is convinced that Lucy made all the difference to his mark.  Thank you so much! Sophie, 2016

Lucy's lessons with Charlie were not only invaluable but enjoyable.  After 6 months of Lucy's teaching Charlie went from an A/B student to an A* student and he has now chosen french as one of his A level options. Thank you Lucy! Jane, March 2016

Becky got an A* in her Oral, and that's after only 3 lessons with you Lucy! Her teacher couldn't believe the improvement.  Helen, 2016

Lucy is professional, organised, committed and great fun. She has developed Matilda's knowledge and understanding in a supportive, reassuring and enjoyable manner and transformed Matilda's self-confidence and interest. Before she met Lucy, Matilda considered French her worst subject - after a term's lessons she has decided to continue with French at A level. (Matilda got an A*) Tricia 2014

My son Charlie who is now in Year 7 has been seeing Lucy for over a year.  He is borderline dyslexic and can struggle with spelling which knocks his confidence  but Lucy has been extremely encouraging and found ways which help him with his French specifically tailored to his needs.  Vanessa, March 2016
Lucy is a fantastic tutor who rekindled JJ's interest in French and we have seen her improve enormously in confidence.  We are delighted with Lucy and would recommend her to anyone. JJ got an A* Sue, 2014Just thought I would let you know that Ramon got an A* in his french exam yesterday!!  Thanks so much for helping him to achieve this! SG 2014

Emma asked me to tell you she learnt more with you yesterday in an hour than in the whole of the last year at school. She would love to carry on with the lessons on a regular basis. Sarah, 2015

Our son was a reluctant, nervous student, really anxious about his oral exam, but after just one session with Lucy he began to realise that perhaps he could do it!  She inspired and enthused him and did his confidence a world of good.  He went from a Grade D in his mock to a B in his GCSE - we couldn’t be more grateful to Lucy for the help she gave him.  Emma, 2014

Lucy is patient and has offbeat but memorable methods of teaching grammar. My daughter's results in French and Spanish tests have improved noticeably, as has her confidence and understanding.  Lucy is an excellent teacher, innovative in her teaching methods - my daughter learnt french grammar whilst playing consequences.  She makes learning a language fun and builds their skills and confidence.  I would be happy to recommend her.  Amie attained an A in her recent French oral.  Janey, 2014

 ​ My daughter attended Lucy Martin’s Primary Spanish Club when she was in Year 3.  She absolutely loved it and looked forward to going each week. She learned more Spanish with Lucy in a few terms, than French studied at school over several years.  Lucy teaches in such a way that the children have a huge amount of fun, and absorb the language at the same time.  Caroline 2013

Jess was thrilled with her A* Spanish GCSE result and we are hugely grateful to Lucy for her calm encouragement in helping our daughter reach this grade. Lucy's methodical approach was greatly valued - looking at each topic in turn and ensuring that key vocab, structures and star phrases were flagged. Lucy also boosted Jess' confidence in her oral, which proved invaluable in her writing too.  We couldn't have asked for more!  LE August 2016